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4 min readApr 20, 2021


Login problems are typical in windstream. With a little help, you can patch them all on your own. For this reason we provide you with this quick guide answering all your complaints and questions about Windstream email connection problems with your fingertips. We’re going here, then:

Issues concerning Windstream Login

Let’s briefly understand what might be the problem with your Windstream login account, and then go into depth to resolve it:

  • Create new account in Windstream
  • Entry to the login account of Windstream
  • Windstream Username email recovery
  • Reset the password for Windstream

Creating Windstream New Users Login Account

You need to build the account manually for Windstream email login. Users must choose a single username and password that are easy to remember. The steps to create a Windstream login account are as follows:

  • Check out the login page
  • Please choose a single username and password.
  • Select the Registration button next to the Registration tab.
  • A profile will be needed for you. Enter all personal data, such as birth date, first and last name, country of origin and so on.
  • Select from the options list the security questions. Two security questions need to be answered. Please make sure you remember the reply. In case you forget about your Windstream email login credentials in the future, security questions are used to check your account.
  • Click “Create my account” to set your Windstream login credentials when you enter all information needed.
  • Visit the Windstream login page once the account is set. Enter the username and password for accessing your Windstream inbox by clicking the login button.

How can I access the Email Login

You can simply visit the Windstream account page just like Gmail or Suddenlink, and do the following:

  • Browse the email login page of
  • Click on the log-in icon and enter the username and password of your Windstream.
  • Now click on the Sign-In button for an email account.

Type the ‘Remember me’ box always before you press the login button. Any time you open the Windstream mail, you will not be able to type a username and password.

How can I find my username or password for my Windstream email login?

To get your username back:

  • To login to the Windstream email, click the ‘forgot username’ button.
  • Fill out the following information after you click on the link: User type (Customer select), email address, account number and zip code billing.
  • Click on the “Continue” button in green and follow the directions on the screen.
  • Complete the first and second security questions on the next tab. These are the same security questions when you registered an email login account with Windstream.
  • Type your new password after you have completed the security questions. You have to pick a new password completely to reset your Windstream account username.
  • At the top of the screen you will need your current username, so that you can choose your new password. Ensure a strong and quick to remember password.
  • Click OK. Click OK. You should be sent to the login page of Windstream. Enter the new password to access your inbox with your recovered user name.

How can I build my Microsoft Outlook Windstream Email?

Users of Windstream can enjoy Microsoft Outlook email services. Follow these guidelines to set up the login account of Windstream:

  • Manually set server configuration or additional types of servers to > Connect Account > Manually set up server setting.
  • Next Click
  • Select Internet Email. Select Internet Email.
  • In the appropriate sector, add the following details:
  • Your name — Your Outlook account’s favorite name.
  • Address — Your login username for email.
  • Choose Type of Account: IMAP.
  • Mail server incoming —
  • Mail server outgoing —
  • Username — The username for your email.
  • Password. — Password.
  • > Advanced tab, click More Parameters.
  • Enter in the appropriate field the following information:
  • Check the box — ‘Encrypted link (SSL) is needed on this server’
  • The main in 993 will be the incoming server port number.
  • Select “Use the next encrypted link form,” under the section, select TLS.
  • Enter 587 for the outgoing port of the server.
  • To enter the following, click on Outgoing server tab:
  • Click on the checkbox next to the ‘Authentication needed for my outgoing server(SMTP).
  • To tick ‘Use the same settings as my new mail server,’ just click on the checkbox.
  • Click OK.
  • Click on the Next button and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • To complete the setup, click the Finish button.

Conclusion: We hope that the above guide will enable you to solve all the problems related to your Windstream Email Login. In the comment section below, drop a message for any question. In a timely way, our experts will get back to you.