• One day you can feel that you are facing a ‘Cannot Get Mail’ error when refreshing your app. This is due to a reversal of the internet or email server.
  • In certain situations, the issue may be associated with your email, and some detailed troubleshooting may be required.
  • POP3- Mail Server Incoming:
  • SMTP server:
  • Mail Server IMAP-Incoming (IMAP):
  • IMAP- Outstanding Mail Server (SMTP):
  • Try again to refresh the box: In most instances, the setback is due to weak internet connectivity or poor server connectivity. To refresh your content, you can download your inbox.
  • Airplane mode on and off: Deactivation of wireless communication features like cellular voice and data can often solve your issue. Switch on and off airplane mode.
  • Leave the App Mail: Often the mail app itself may have a problem. The easiest way to start the email app is to update your email box.
  • Check your link to the Internet: Do you have a good link to the Internet? You can find error messages when trying to upload your email inbox if your signal is too poor. Take the safe link closer and then search.
  • Visit your appliance
  • Enter the ‘Username’ and the ‘Password’ for Gmail Account for the domain with the real name for the Google Apps domain.
  • Enter the ‘Captcha’ sentence as it appears on your computer screen’s web page and follow the directions on-screen to complete the operation.
  • To complete the process, click “Finish.”
  • Tap Accounts and Passwords> Email Account> Delete Account to open the ‘Settings’ window.
  • You need to install Settings> Accounts and passwords> Add Account after you have deleted the account.
  • You can choose from the email providers’ list to choose from the given e-mails. Login to your account with the Username and Password.
  • Settings>Accounts and Passwords>Add Account is available on your phone. Tap Other and click on Add Account. Tap Other.
  • Enter your name, complete email address, your password and your account description. When you have finished configuring your account, tap “Next” and press “Do.”
  • You will need to manually enter the information and then tap ‘Next’ when mail can’t find your configuration.
  • If your email settings are right, tap Save to end. The email will begin to sync automatically once your account has been set up.




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