How to Set Up AT&T Email Account on Outlook?

Steps to Configure AT&T Email Account on Microsoft Outlook

  1. You must pick “Setup for Account” from the Tools menu in your Outlook programme.
  2. You need to then pick the POP3 email service and then click on the “Latest” button in the Email tab. Click on the button “Prev.”
  3. Then you have to pick the “Server Configuration or Additional Server Forms” checkbox next to the “Next” bottom and click on the “Next” button.
  4. Now the Internet email is needed to be selected and then the “Next” button is chosen. Then your name, new AT&T mail and password, which you used to set up the sub-account, must be entered.
  5. First, the following details must be given for the fields in question:
  6. Mail Server Incoming:
  7. SMTP: Outgoing Mail server:
  8. Name of the user: Enter your address of email
  9. Next to the “Know Password” button you have to pick the checkbox and click on the “More Settings” option. You will also have to click the checkbox next to “Authentication Requests for My Outgoing Server (SMTP),” and then go to the “Advanced” page.
  10. Then enter “995” in the port number area of the Incoming Server (POP3) and select the “Require Encrypted Link (SSL)” checkbox. In the Outgoing Server (SMTP) area, you need to enter “465.”
  11. Then you need to pick “SSL” from the “Using the next form” box next to the “Ok” button and return to the Internet E-Mail window using the “OK” button.
  12. You will then need to click on ‘Check Account Settings’ to check that your AT&T email in Outlook is correctly configured.
  13. Finally, the test window must be closed and the Finish button pressed to complete the setup of your mail.



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