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3 min readFeb 25, 2021


The following are the email settings with IMAP, which you need to make use of inbound email services without problems: -

  • IMAP should be the account form
  • Enter your ATT email address for your username
  • Enter the username password

The hostname should be imap.mail.att for the incoming server.

  • The value of the server port is 993
  • Enter the username and password for authentication.
  • For SSL/TLS, put okay.

You can enjoy incoming mail services after applying the above-mentioned Email IMAP configuration.

ATT.NET Email SMTP Server Settings

Follow the steps below to apply the ATT server setting needed for Outgoing(SMTP).

  • ‘SMTP’ must be the account form.
  • Using your email identifier for username
  • Using the password of your ATT
  • The hostname of the server is
  • The value of the server port is 465
  • Using your authentication email and password
  • When SSL/TLS is called for, put ‘yes’

You have the right to use outgoing email services without problems if you are applying the SMTP settings.

ATT.NET Email POP3 Server Settings

Find below the ATT E-Mail POP3 setting you need to apply for the use of your computer or email client with the att email services: -

In the following, enter incoming server configurations if you want to use the POP3 settings:

  • should be shown in the ATT pop3 mail server.
  • The rating of the server is 995

Enter the following information on the POP3 SMTP outgoing mail server:-

  • The outgoing mail server is ‘’
  • The port value is 465
  • Please check the box ‘Authentication Needs’

ATT Yahoo Email Settings For Outlook

See the ATT below. Network You need only follow the basic steps to effectively customize your email account. Settings are checked and tried for Outlook & iPhone.

Yahoo and ATT. Yahoo and ATT.

Net e-mail account holders certainly would enjoy the concept of accessing or replying to big e-mails even on-the-go. Setup of ATT. Set up. Network You can easily access email anywhere Yahoo Email in Outlook.

Step by step instructions for syncing ATT were given here.

Yahoo’s Outlook Net email accounts.

ATT Email Settings for Outlook 2010

Below are the measures to help you automatically set up your Outlook 2010 att email account.

  • Tap the view link and open the website
  • Go to the new option and choose the file
  • Tap on Account Settings and Details
  • You will find Auto Account Setup later
  • On account setup you will be sent some warning messages.
  • Select to go forward, then pick yes below.
  • Automatically configured as an IMAP account with all right settings from Microsoft outlook 2010
  • Select yes, go forward

The Outlook 2010 automatic update has been set and you will now be able to enjoy our Outlook 2010 email services.

ATT.Net Email Settings For Outlook 2013

The next steps for automatic configuration are anyone can follow since the method is simple and quick.

  • Start the website view and click on the files
  • Tap on Settings and Details
  • A screen will appear and the information for auto set-up should be filled in. Click “Prev” to go forward
  • Choose “Yes” and Make
  • Your view will automatically add all connected settings to the IMAP account.
  • Phase 4: Select OK and finish

ATT Email Settings For Outlook 2016

Recently revised settings are available in an AT&T mail environment for the new edition of Microsoft Outlook 2014. The steps are easy to follow and follow as follows: –

  • Start the website outlook
  • Current account registration
  • Go to the left and go to the left
  • Choose the top of the web page left bar
  • You can now click on details and account settings
  • Click add account. Click Add account.
  • Type your email address and then
  • It will pick “IMAP” automatically in the current configuration
  • Click Connect. Click Connect.
  • Then we have to deal with this dilemma. End and finish

Your automation has already been configured for MS Outlook 2016 and you can continue step by step to complete the upgrade.

ATT.NET Email Settings For Android Phone

First, select the Setup Handbook option

Now, pick IMAP IMAP Account ( Be sure to enter the below necessary settings and then click ok)

Enter the ATT.NET SMTP settings below and press Next

When you’ve followed the steps successfully, you’ve changed your email for the Android version.