Email Settings | Email Server Settings

  • IMAP should be the account form
  • Enter your ATT email address for your username
  • Enter the username password
  • The value of the server port is 993
  • Enter the username and password for authentication.
  • For SSL/TLS, put okay.
  • ‘SMTP’ must be the account form.
  • Using your email identifier for username
  • Using the password of your ATT
  • The hostname of the server is
  • The value of the server port is 465
  • Using your authentication email and password
  • When SSL/TLS is called for, put ‘yes’
  • should be shown in the ATT pop3 mail server.
  • The rating of the server is 995
  • The outgoing mail server is ‘’
  • The port value is 465
  • Please check the box ‘Authentication Needs’
  • Tap the view link and open the website
  • Go to the new option and choose the file
  • Tap on Account Settings and Details
  • You will find Auto Account Setup later
  • On account setup you will be sent some warning messages.
  • Select to go forward, then pick yes below.
  • Automatically configured as an IMAP account with all right settings from Microsoft outlook 2010
  • Select yes, go forward
  • Start the website view and click on the files
  • Tap on Settings and Details
  • A screen will appear and the information for auto set-up should be filled in. Click “Prev” to go forward
  • Choose “Yes” and Make
  • Your view will automatically add all connected settings to the IMAP account.
  • Phase 4: Select OK and finish
  • Start the website outlook
  • Current account registration
  • Go to the left and go to the left
  • Choose the top of the web page left bar
  • You can now click on details and account settings
  • Click add account. Click Add account.
  • Type your email address and then
  • It will pick “IMAP” automatically in the current configuration
  • Click Connect. Click Connect.
  • Then we have to deal with this dilemma. End and finish




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